In the United States, we often see joggers running while pushing strollers. I wonder if such people are increasing in the UK.

If you have a child, you can’t exercise on your own. So it is helpful to be able to jog while baby sitting. However, there are many things to be careful about jogging while pushing a stroller. There is a complete guide, “6 tips for using a baby stroller for jogging”

6 tips for using a baby stroller for jogging

6 tips for using a baby stroller for jogging

  • Avoid jogging until you are one year old

Avoid jogging together until your child is one year old, even if it is a jogging stroller. Even if your neck is sitting. It is difficult for your baby to keep your head on the shock of running. It is forbidden to ride under 1 year olds on bicycles even when riding a bicycle at Central Park in New York, even with baby seats.

  • Do not use strollers for general use

General strollers are limited to walking purposes only. The size of the tires is also small, the impact when running is large and lacks stability. The jogging stroller has a special suspension and is designed to absorb shocks. Use a stable stroller with large jogging tires.

  • Lock the front wheels

Jogging strollers are generally three-wheeled, and the front wheel is one type. When jogging, it is decided to lock this front wheel. If you run and step on a stone and the front wheel floats in the air, the stroller will crash at the time of landing if the front wheel is facing sideways.

  • Adjust the handle height

When two parents use a stroller, the height of the handle may have changed without knowing the height due to differences in height. “Jogging with a child” is a more dangerous situation than “walking”, so make sure that the jogger’s body is as comfortable as possible.

  • Check if the handbrake is required

Make sure that your jogging stroller has a brake and that it can be fitted as an option without it. It’s easy to think of running in a flat park, but there are some downhills in the park. If the only way to brake on a downhill is to stop with your arm, it becomes difficult to suddenly brake when your physical strength is low. It is better to have a handbrake to increase safety.

  • speed

If you need to avoid suddenly at your normal pace, you can respond, but you may not be able to control quickly with a stroller. In the unlikely event of a collision with people or objects, not only children but also others will be troubled. Always run at a slower pace than usual, just in case.


Jogging strollers are heavier and less bulky than regular strollers, so you need to get used to and control them. I have used it too, but the size of the tires is so large that I thought I was running lightly, but the speed went up unexpectedly, and I felt like I was being pulled forward.

Riding safely is our first priority, so if you want to try it, I think it’s best to start with a short distance and slow speed.

By the way, this time Baby Trend Stroller used the word “jogging” instead of “running”. A stroller that runs in the United States is called a “Jogging Stroller”, and we think it is used for jogging purposes. (we understand that jogging is a fun thing that you can run while talking for health purposes.)

In other words, it does not run as fast as breathing like running, but it is basically a stroller that runs slowly and enjoys, so I think that it is not something that runs faster with a pounding speed.



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