Babies should not take more strollers

As soon as parents are pregnant, they will start planning to buy babies for themselves and give them something to expect. A stroller is something that must be used after the baby is born. Therefore, many people choose a stroller when they are suitable for pregnancy. At the same time, many parents will be entangled and worry that the baby cannot take more strollers.


Babies cannot rely too much on a stroller. Some parents use the stroller as a crib when they use the stroller. Babies like to lie on a stroller, so parents let the baby sleep on it, regardless of day and night, as long as the baby doesn’t cry, let them babysit.


Why can’t babies take more strollers?

First of all, if the stroller is at the age of 0-6 months, the stroller cannot be seated, but you can choose a stroller that can lie down. At this time, the baby must lie down, only after the baby grows up, 6 You can sit up after a month. Because the baby’s spine and brain development are vulnerable at this time, premature sitting of the baby will easily affect the baby’s healthy development.


Second, after 7 months, when you just learn to sit, don’t sit too straight and try to learn as much as possible. You should n’t sit for too long. Hold your baby up every 2 hours to adjust your posture. When parents are holding the baby, it is actually a process of massaging the baby. This is why often the baby likes to be held.


How old can a baby be in a stroller

Strollers are suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years old. Baby can start to use the stroller from birth to 3 years old, even 4 years old. However, 0-6 months can only be used by the baby lying down, do not sit up. After your baby is seven months old, you can use it arbitrarily.

Babies should not take more strollers
Babies should not take more strollers

What should the baby pay attention to in a stroller?

  1. The baby stroller needs to be seated and lie down. The baby must be lying down for 0-6 months and cannot be seated.
  2. When using a baby stroller, be careful not to rely too much on the baby stroller.
  3. The baby stroller should be used under the supervision of a guardian. Do not leave the baby alone in the stroller.


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