There are many brands, many series, many styles, and many functions, these factors add up to the dimensions that need to be considered when the final purchase is not simple. Here we describe Baby Trend Stroller Buying Guide & Tips.


Sometimes it seems that the wider the choice, the more uncertain it is. I asked friends for recommendations, and then tried to push and push various forums to open the aunt, so Liu Ge vomited blood with more than ten years of professional experience in professional baby products (my main stroller) to sort out the baby stroller purchase process Little experience. Share it here, I hope to help you a little, let everyone spend less money, and let those unscrupulous businesses cheat less. Some of the pictures and text are searched online. They are organized because they are not comprehensive enough, but Have my own single practical experience, others are self-made product maps and self-made.


Baby Trend Stroller Buying Guide & Tips

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Baby Trend Stroller Buying Tips

Attention, the following is the key point, which is also my many years of personal experience in the baby and baby products (the main stroller business). After reading this article on shopping carts, the biggest and most intuitive insight: the best for you!


About the applicable age and useful life of the stroller

A reclining baby stroller is more suitable for babies up to 6 months because it is not yet stable; it is more appropriate to wait for more than 6 months before lying flat.


A car can be used by a baby about 3 years old, mainly based on the load capacity, the general test standard is 9 to 15 kg. However, there are many older children in the stroller in life, so pay more attention to safety.


Under normal circumstances, the life of a baby stroller is about 4-5 years. If you want to use it for Erbao, you need normal use and proper maintenance to ensure safety. After all, all materials will have an aging life! Several common carts on the market


At present, baby strollers on the market can be roughly divided into:

First, the functional baby carriage; its characteristics, good shock absorption, high landscape, comfortable, can sit and lie, many modes (can be equipped with cradle, safety chair), but the disadvantages are bulky, (girls have difficulty lifting cars), high prices, huge size. For general home, using a short time out, a good travel condition at home, or on the first floor, an elevator or a family, there is a special effect for outdoor, large tires (inflatable bicycle tire) can push the functional Baby tricycle.


It usually weighs more than 12Kg and can be used from 0 to 3 years old. It is tall and stable, has better comfort, better functions, and the natural weight is heavy.


The appearance is very good: the car skeleton is relatively thick, the front and rear wheels are not the same sizes, especially the rear wheel size is usually larger. There are also front and rear wheels, and the appearance is still quite intuitive.


This kind of car is very suitable for newborns, but when the baby is a little older, it is not as convenient as a moped and umbrella for public transportation and travel.


In the past few years, the high-view baby carriage with a lot of wind and wind is actually a functional vehicle, and I will talk about it when I have time.


A snack

Although from the general situation of everyone, the functional stroller is usually the child’s first car, and it is also the highest item that many parents budget to spend.


But my close friends say that this feature is also reflected in the car after the 1-year-old children used less and less, escape fouling, give it away, sell cabbage price of fate, the main problem is too heavy.


The child grows up, travels more frequently, and has trouble moving. This month’s baby can sit and walk, and many functions are no longer needed.


So what kind of car do you use after 1 year old? Look down.

Two, lightweight stroller: its characteristics, lightweight, sit or lie, closed car easy (a key closed car, one hand closed car), travel convenience (available on the plane, moderate weight, girls can mention), shock absorbers, The price is moderate, the volume is moderate. It emphasizes portability and is the first choice for families who often go out.


It usually weighs about 6kg, is light and easy to carry, and it will not be too big after being folded. Most of them are seated and layable.


Lightweight strollers are also easy to judge, for example, the frame of the frame is thinner, the four wheels are the same size, there are also small front and rear, the size is relatively moderate, and the seat is generally not too high.


A snack:

There is also a wide range of light-duty vehicles, ranging from large foreign brands to domestic brands, with prices ranging from one or two hundred to three or five thousand.


It is still necessary to prepare an umbrella car for those who often take their baby out of the house. Babies of this age can walk and can’t go too long. Parents ca n’t bear arms all the time. It ’s more convenient to have a light, lightweight car.


Lightweight and shock-absorbing dilemma

Having said so much, it is not difficult to find that ” portability + good shock absorption” is a pseudo-proposition.


Everyone wants a light shock absorber; the answer is obviously no drop. Although most wheels of light vehicles have a shock-absorbing design, they are not as effective as functional vehicles. Vibration reduction mainly depends on self-weight.


However, when all brands introduce their products, shock absorption is specially displayed as a selling point or an important function to promote; and most parents only start to understand the stroller after they have a child. They have no experience using it, and then the merchant with exaggerated publicity, new drivers with zero experience can easily be brainwashed successfully, thinking that all strollers must have shock absorption, which is actually incorrect!



The shock absorption of the stroller directly affects the comfort of the ride. I often see some Baoma in the forums saying that the child does not like the stroller. Can you think if you really do n’t like it or the stroller makes the baby uncomfortable?

Usually weighs about 6kg, light and easy to carry, and the volume will not be too large after folding, most of which can be seated after 0-36 months; generally the car can be about 170 degrees after the backrest is down, and the stroller has the lowest backrest The angle is 170-175 degrees, not 180 degrees.


Lightweight strollers are also easy to judge, for example, the frame of the frame is relatively thin, the four wheels are the same size, the size is relatively small, and the seat is usually not too high.


More well-known abroad, such as the street model Maclaren in Hollywood, Aprica in Japan, and YOYO in France are discounted for boarding as a selling point. Mid-to-high-end domestic brands such as good kids’ hummingbirds, pocket cars, domestic play kids mermaids and transformers, as well as Vining, foofoo. The pouch can also be collected in 1 second. The volume is small after folding, and the price is more than 1,000 More acceptable.


It is still necessary to prepare an umbrella car for those who often take their baby out of the house. Babies of this age can walk and can’t walk too long. Father and mother can’t bear to keep arms folded. It’s more convenient to have a light umbrella.


  1. Umbrella or pocket car: a lightweight and special-purpose car. Its characteristics are small size, convenient travel, and its shortcomings. The big brands are as shown in Figure 1. The quality of a good kid’s pocket car can be assured. There are acceptance standards and 3C, but the big brands are expensive, and other miscellaneous cheap cars have poor workmanship, which mainly highlights the poor wheel and tube materials (wheels are not wear-resistant, thin tube walls, poor software workmanship). Figure 2, Cheap baby carriages are too light, and the baby will sway in the car and easily roll over. And most can only sit and cannot lie down. And Liu Ge, whose back is a net and cloth, is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age, which is not good for baby’s bone growth.


  1. A stroller is suitable for multiple children or twins. (This ratio is small, there is little selectivity, so I won’t introduce more)


  1. Three-wheeled jogging stroller, this type of vehicle is very common in foreign countries. Young foreign parents are more likely to jog with their cars, take children for long distances, or even go hiking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Therefore, this type of car mainly has a shock-absorbing effect of 666, and usually, the wheels are unusual ~ normal ~ large ~

At present, it seems that the road is not suitable in China. Four-wheeled strollers are the mainstream. There are fewer three-wheeled strollers. The advantages and disadvantages of the next three-wheeled stroller and the four-wheeled stroller will be compared later.


Tricky cart features

Baby stroller and this thing, there are too many small designs. When we choose a car, we always make various choices and choices in various functions, so in the end, we also clarified some of our hard and soft requirements and integrated all functions. Make a comparison and make a choice. It is also recommended that parents and friends, like our family, can list all the functions again, and give priority to the choices.


“Major Issues” When Buying a Stroller

Baby Trend Stroller Buying Guide & Tips
Baby Trend Stroller Buying Guide & Tips
  1. How old is the child?

More than 6 months: Relatively speaking, try not to buy high landscape, it is not necessary anymore, you can buy a portable car to facilitate travel. Most of the high landscape is bulky. Handling is a big problem, but there are also light high landscape vehicles and functional carts (With cradle and safety car seat) less than 6 months: when the baby is less than 6 months and needs to be in the car for a long time, a functional high-view stroller is recommended, because the exhaust pollution of the car is serious and it sinks to 35 cm near the road It is best to lie on your back, because the baby is still very tender, and lying down is the most healthy posture.


  1. Travel environment, is there an elevator?

No Elevator: Lightweight strollers are preferred for a rude reason—easy handling.
Has an elevator: newborns can consider a functional cart or a lightweight high-view cart


  1. What is the budget?

Sufficient (3k +): Two carts, lightweight + function ()

In general (family conditions above 2K are fine, but it is enough in the brand 2K, in the miscellaneous brand 800, of course, there are also low-end goods, less than three or four hundred. The first is safety, the second is comfort, and it only makes sense to consider portability) (a car is used to the end): light car (main push)


  1. Do you want a second child?

Want a second child: a functional and high landscape light vehicle, the boss will run out of the second child.


  1. Don’t buy too cheap carts

Whether you plan to buy a functional or lightweight type, one or two, the wall crack suggests that you still don’t consider too low-priced carts, cheap cars, some babies can’t directly touch the fabric, some plastic parts are used Secondly, the backrest is bad for the baby’s bones.


In this article, Brother Liu will not release any low-priced products that cannot be branded.


The most important low-cost baby stroller exposed in the CCTV news is some 200-300 ultra-low-priced high-view strollers produced in Hubei and Hebei. The price is less than half, and the things that children use are still safe to buy.


  1. Don’t be obsessed with high landscape

High landscapes are just gimmicks. Don’t be obsessed with high landscapes. Do not be obsessed with high landscapes. Do not be obsessed with high landscapes.


The high-view trolley has been unanimously commented by many people because it is a community car with an elevator family because the model determines that the car is large and heavy, and the traffic in the city is too poor. It cannot be used outdoors, so it can only be used on the road Push up. And you have to have an elevator in your home, otherwise moving is a big problem.


The high landscape is not an industry standard, and there is no standard. Mainly originated from European countries, because Europeans and Americans are usually tall, in order to facilitate parent-child communication, the height of the cart will be relatively high.


In general, we believe that a stroller with a seat height above 50cm can be called a “high landscape”. Many parents fall into this “high landscape” and “pit” when they choose a car. They are blinded by the features and advertisements that are blown up by the sky. They are led away by the brand side. It might be more useful feature.


Regarding the problem of automobile exhaust pollution, it is actually a gimmick for businesses.


The exhaust gas concentration will change at any time according to the actual situation, and the entire area is polluted, not a single side, as long as it is not next to the car, in fact, there is no difference in the inhalation. If it is the main road with heavy traffic, Yao Ming is also the same as we inhaled. Therefore, it is completely mysterious to sit low and suck in the exhaust of the car. It is only 10cm away, and there is no difference in the air you breathe.


Strollers can be high-value, but the function is paramount (safe and comfortable)

The design of many European celebrity carts is really cool and beautiful, beautiful and attractive!

But friends, the stroller must be a tool. The convenience of travel and the comfort of the baby are more important. You need grace or temperature ~ choose your own.


  1. Make a balance between face value and price

The core functions of the baby stroller are nothing more than the most basic ones, and the high-priced car is only pursuing the ultimate in basic functions.


At present, a cart of 284.97$ on the market can meet all the basic functions, and the workmanship and quality are good. So, is it really worth spending 4-5 times to pursue a luxury cart?

And the average age of use is no more than 3 years. Individuals think that it is too expensive to buy a cart alone. It is more valuable and meaningful to spend extra money on safety seats and the like.


2.No car can meet all needs

There is no best, only the best. The same goes for strollers. The function of a baby stroller can be matched to the needs of the current stage to the greatest extent, which is very suitable and perfect.


But most people have too little information when they buy their first baby stroller. They usually learn while buying & feel good when they see any function.


In fact, choosing a baby stroller is similar to a family car. No one can meet all the needs. Especially the lightweight umbrella cars will not have too many functions, so the main functions are enough. Don’t add, just want to be simple, and know your own family activities, living environment mode, the number of years you want to use (such as intended There are second births), and after the budget is released, the selection is simple and clear.


  1. The moon in foreign countries is no more round than in China. Everyone is a brother

Regarding the origin of baby carriages, I am optimistic that many forums are also noisy. There are too many friends around, and they will prefer foreign brands when choosing a car, and even require pure imports.


In fact, is it true that the foreign moon is rounder than the domestic one? Angrily discovered more than 30 brands, in fact, many of our common foreign brands, most of them are made in China.

The upper picture is not mentioned, the lower picture is the Dorel Industrial Group. This one may be strange. Exaggeratingly speaking, almost all baby strollers and safety seats worldwide are produced by good children and Dorel.


The market share of these two brands in the world is indeed very good! To give you an example, suppose Dorel learns to advertise the fragrance of fluttering milk tea. The slogan should be: How many and how many times can the stroller we sell each year around the Earth’s equator … Then a good child will immediately point to the Earth’s equator and say: Look!! Those baby strollers are made by our good babies, just with the Dorel brand.


Goodbaby has replaced the Dutch stroller brand Qunniy, the Dutch safety seat brand maxi-cosi, the American stroller, and seat brand safety 1st, the French seat and the stroller brand Bebe Confort, and the Canadian stroller and seat brand s. Engineering, made in Kunshan.


The reason why I say a few more is that few people pay attention to and understand the information behind the brand before shopping, and I have seen many times in the forum that parents said that Haitao ’s imported brands, how did they receive it? Made in China, it’s too unpleasant and even question the product. In fact, this is just an open secret that has been hidden by merchants. After all, the market response tells us that more consumers like to eat “western food.”


Therefore, many well-known brands seen in the market are made in China. The old-fashioned umbrella car Maclaren in the UK, Aprica in Japan, and Combi are all made in Dongguan; Quintus in Germany is made in Kunshan, and the mother care spin (the seat can rotate 360 ​​degrees) in the UK is also produced in China. Although the overall sales on a certain treasure are not strong, the 100% praise of many stores is more worthy of our attention and thinking than sales. (Shh)


As an export product, in addition to the domestic mandatory 3C standards, the quality inspection standards are also in accordance with foreign standards, so it will be said that when choosing a stroller, there is no need to be too entangled with the tissue of origin.


Conclusion After speaking, there is no need to consider whether a baby stroller is imported from abroad. If you really want to calculate, you have no choice. The domestic Proco is also of high quality. Of course, it is not appropriate to have domestic or domestic products with prejudice.


A few days ago, I saw a picture of Trump ’s daughter Ivanka pushing the child out. I zoomed in to see that the stroller is a good kid ’s stroller. In fact, like many things, many Chinese people don’t look at domestic brands. It is also very popular abroad.


  1. These well-known big names are fake foreign brands. How long have you been fooled?

There are a lot of fake foreign brands on the market. If you call them an English name, they think they are imported.


In this statement, the “fake foreign brand” does not mean to denigrate the negative, but I feel that it is a bit overdone. Individuals still support rational consumption and rational support for domestic products.


It ’s like: Yoshinoya and Japan Yoshinoya are not the same. French Bios time, American Milk Powder, and Cattelan are all authentic Cantonese goods. Camdenton is pure Shenzhen goods. Jordan sports shoes have no relationship with Jordan. There is no half-wool relationship. Jack Jones, ONLY, VERO MODA, and SELECTED are all brands of Danish manufacturer BESTSELLER. They are actually controlled by several Tianjin people and are not sold in Europe. Borrowing foreign names to accumulate wealth, confusing true and false, and borrowing Western culture to imply high quality are borrowed identities. (Do not vomit or be unhappy!)


China also has branded with independent English labels. The better ones are play kids, foo foo, vinng, etc. The above picture of the light vehicle is the two cars Mermaid and Transformers of play kids.


The hot-selling Pouch (Shanghai), GUBI (Fujian), YUYU (Zhongshan), baby ruler (Zhongshan), I believe (Ningbo), douxbebe (Jinhua), baby sing (Zhejiang) on ​​a cat are actually authentic Chinese OEM Brand.


Although it is suspected of being a cottage, it can be considered as a car that has both beauty and affordability to our people. Under this reminder, if you mind the brand, you still need to check and verify through multiple channels before purchasing, so as to make consumption clear.

Baby Trend Stroller Buying Guide & Tips

A few tips about strollers

  1. In any case, the safety and comfort of the baby will always come first;
  2. There is no baby stroller that can satisfy all travel;
  3. The shock absorption of the stroller is only related to its own weight;
  4. The high landscape is not an industry standard, and there is no standard. It is just that the merchants seize the customer’s psychology and create a gimmick for the sale of goods. It cannot solve the exhaust problem, but only psychological comfort;
  5. The baby stroller is not the only one that is expensive. It must not be followed. It must be selected according to the child’s own conditions;
  6. I just want to buy a baby stroller, and the light that can lie down and sit is the first choice

7, 99% of the world’s baby carriages are produced in China, and domestic production should be self-reinforcing;

  1. The more functions you need to pick a stroller, the more difficult it is to choose. The more functions you have, the better. Learn to do subtraction.


A few puzzles about strollers

  1. Can the independent sleeping basket and safety basket be universal?

Many novice parents have such confusion. It feels like they are used, but it does not take long, and they are very tangled when buying.

I think the first is the need to clear indeed separate sleeping basket and security basket 2 models are different products.


Although it is intended for newborns (within 6 months) to go out, the sleeping basket is dedicated to the stroller and the safety basket is dedicated to the car. Different designs and installations are completely different.


Secondly, the independent sleeping basket can be placed flat in the back seat of the car, and everyone can understand it as a mobile mini crib. Although there are handles, you can be carried down the stairs convenient, you can also put the back seat of the car, but from a security point of view, it is not a substitute for automotive safety basket.


Usually, some imported brands of multi-functional baby strollers are called three-in-one baby strollers or multi-functional travel systems when they are publicized. In fact, they are a combination of baby strollers + independent sleeping baskets + car safety baskets.


However, domestic acceptance is relatively low and less is seen. Of course, there are many safety baskets that can also be installed on the stroller. For example, the maxi Cosi safety basket is compatible with many European brands.


  1. If I want to buy a baby stroller, must I buy a sleeping basket?

When the child is two or three months old, he will go out for a stroll. Can the type that can lie down achieve the same effect as the sleeping basket?


The sleeping basket is mainly aimed at babies under 6 months. If you plan to use a stroller at birth, a separate sleeping basket is a good choice. Of course, a multifunctional baby stroller that can lie flat can also be used, but in terms of comfort, a separate sleeping basket is better. If the budget is adequate, consider it.


  1. Is the shock of the front wheel of the stroller built-in or external?

The front-wheel suspension is mostly achieved through shock-absorbing springs. The built-in or external mounting has little effect. The key is to have a shock-absorbing effect.


It should be noted that at present, many domestic cars with poor quality, many of the so-called shock absorbers are just furnishings, which do not provide shock absorption effects. Generally, the prices of such carts are relatively cheap. Therefore, I still insist on the point of view, a penny for a penny, even if it is less than 500 yuan.


  1. The stroller with reversible seats says that there is some shaking in the seat. Is this a workmanship/quality problem? Is it all like this?

It is normal for a stroller that can be reversed. It is normal that the seat is shaken. After all, the assembled stroller cannot be completely stuck. An appropriate elastic space can play a role of cushioning and damping.


  1. What is the inner width of the stroller seat? As wide as possible? How should I choose?

The standard width requirement is 35cm, and most seat widths meet this standard.


In general, European and American brands of strollers are wider, and Japanese and domestic strollers are slightly narrower. If you are a fat baby, you can consider the European and American department. Both normal and Japanese can be selected.


In addition, the width of the stroller seat is too narrow or too wide. It is too narrow and easy to squeeze, especially in winter; too wide is easy to roll over. That’s why it’s good.

Some knowledge about baby strollers

  1. Braking device

The potential danger that the brakes solve is that if the stroller stops on a sloping road, parents accidentally slip away.

Common braking devices are divided into the one-foot double brake and single brake.


The EU standard requires a one-foot dual-brake structure. I myself also prefer a one-foot dual-brake to avoid the danger of the car turning over when a single wheel is braked.

When selecting a car, you can press the brake lever to stop it, apply a little force to push it forward and backward, and check whether the brake lever will come off or slide easily. Also, the brake part of the stroller must be marked with bright colors to avoid accidental stepping.


  1. Frame

Frame material: iron tube cart frame, relatively heavy; aluminum tube lighter.


  1. Seat belt

Any kind of stroller must have a seat belt!


Personally, I think that seat belts are really important. Just like a safety seat, you never know whether the child can be protected at the moment of the accident.


There are currently three types of seatbelt methods: five-point seatbelt system, three-point seatbelt system, and two-point seatbelt system.


Needless to say, the five-point seat belt is a relatively safe type of restraint belt system; the two-point seat belt is easy to slide out of the car because it does not have a span; the three-point seat belt has no shoulder belt. If an external force impacts the child, It is easy to throw out of the seat belt while sitting.


  1. Collapse method

As far as safety is concerned, the folding structure in a stroller is a very important link. Many safety issues are caused by the sudden failure of the folding structure. In view of this, the test of the folding structure is quite rigorous in various countries, so they still choose formal channels, and the well-known brands are more at ease.


Talk about 3 ways to close:

  1. Standing back and forth after folding

It’s usually a baby stroller, and it’s a 3-fold discount. It requires two hands to collide. Of course, there are many brands that support a one-handed car collection.


2. Fold left and right first

It is usually an umbrella car, and it is slender after being folded. The advantage is that most of it can be retracted with one hand, and the volume is small after folding. The disadvantage is that you cannot stand against the wall. For example, the originator of the parachute Maclaren.


3. Fold back and forth

After being folded, it is suitable in size and can be carried on the shoulder. It is a popular design, such as a good boy hummingbird, but at the same time the disadvantages are more obvious, and the frame is not stable.


However, this year, a new collapsing method, rail expansion, agreed with the previous pipeline expansion

Don’t underestimate this feature, because, in real life, we never know if we have two free hands when we close the car. Now taking the baby to travel by car, pushing the baby and other buses, holding the baby in one hand and closing the car in one hand are necessary skills for our all-round parents


Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, mainly depending on our actual needs to balance the pros and cons.



For babies 6 months old, choose a stroller that can be adjusted to 175 degrees. The baby needs to lie flat. If you are older, you can choose to sit on the back.

The adjustment of the umbrella’s backrest is usually fixed or adjusted in a small range. The backrest is mostly a thin layer or a mesh design, which is more suitable for summer, but not suitable for babies under 6 months. Baby carriage, baby’s bone development is not suitable for sitting on a backrest.


5.Shock absorption device

Why emphasize the shock absorption device, because the bones and muscles of the newborn need a long time to grow and sturdy, especially vulnerable to collision and uncontrolled movement of the head.


Compared with other parts of the body, the head is large and heavy, accounting for about 1/4 of the total body length and 1/3 of the overall weight.


Therefore, for babies who often need to go out, shock absorption is very necessary, which is also a point we pay more attention to when choosing a car.


Common shock absorption designs have the following 3 forms:


Large-wheeled strollers generally have better shock-absorbing performance than small-wheeled ones, especially pneumatic tires.


Of course, the material of this inflatable rubber tire is also very important, which directly involves the cost, and the tire with a pattern is more abrasion-resistant than the non-pattern, and the shock absorption effect is also better, so the baby carriage is a penny. Share it.

  1. Spring shock absorption

Most carts come with shock-absorbing springs and the results vary.


I looked for information and saw that some baby strollers will be installed with fake shock absorbers to attract consumers’ attention. In essence, there is nothing to use, so I carefully asked for screening and bought branded cars!


3.Frame suspension

This design is relatively rare. The entire frame is an arched frame, and the frame itself can play a good shock-absorbing effect. Best strollers, for example.


The advantage of shock absorption is that the passability is better. Walking on some uneven ground, such as the speed bumps in the community, warm geese, grass, and even rural roads, the baby is more comfortable to sit on the ground.


Judging the shock absorption of a stroller is also very easy. It mainly depends on the weight of the stroller, followed by the wheels. When selecting, gently press the elasticity of the frame during the test period.


  1. Awning

The size of the awning is related to the shade range and the wind protection effect.

At present, there are mainly two types of full awnings and half awnings on the market. There is also a specially designed parasol that can be fixed on the frame and can adjust the direction and height. The advantage is that it can grasp the direction of sunlight and is more ventilated. Some brands of awnings are also UV-resistant.


It doesn’t matter whether you choose a full-skinned or half-sponsored product, because parents can’t push their babies to play in the high temperature of the sun.

  1. Cushion

The seat cushion is in direct contact with the baby’s body. Generally speaking, the functional baby stroller seat cushion is relatively spacious and thick, and the lightweight umbrella seat usually has only a single layer of cloth.


  1. Trolley handle and reversing

The handle can be divided into two types: directional and bidirectional. There are two ways of reversing: one is reversing by the handle, and the other is reversing by the seat

Individuals are more inclined to reverse their seats and are safer.

There is a risk of pinching your child’s arms and fingers when turning the handle. It is a small accident, but it is dangerous and cannot be ignored!


  1. Push the handle

The height of the handle can be adjusted or fixed. Adjustable height can adapt to the height of different cart people, it is more comfortable to push.


  1. Armrest

And seat belts, primarily to prevent children fall, is preferably selected detachable, to a diaper convenience, like the child seat larger space is too small may also be removed; secondly may match such meals Paula or something.


  1. Storage Basket

Usually under the stroller, put some baby bottles, milk powder, diapers, etc. The storage basket is still bigger. Don’t carry it if you can push the cart!


  1. Baby carriage attachments/accessories

It can be selected according to usage habits or local environmental conditions.


Mat: It’s summer, you can consider using a mat, otherwise it’s hot

Anti-mosquito cover: It can prevent mosquito bites in summer.

Rain cover: In case of light rain, it can be covered with a full cover.

Dinner plate: can be installed in front of the seat, put some utensils.

Cup holder: It can be installed on the side of the frame to put drinks or small objects.

Foot cover: keep warm in cold places or outdoors.


There are quite a few choices for boarding, play kids mermaids, transformers, baby Zen yoyo, Maclaren quests, various prices, not to say much.


Personally, I think that this is more targeted, after all, each family has different needs for baby strollers. It is inevitable that there are disagreements in personal views, and a lot of communication is involved.


Generally speaking, our dealer statistics show that consumers are more inclined to light vehicles, and they are smaller and lighter when folded.

Pay attention to the following details when using the stroller.

  1. Remember to break the baby stroller

Let the child sit in the stroller, and the parents just need to push away, and its emergence frees many parents’ hands. But often we overlook a detail when parking the stroller-locking the stroller. Don’t think that this action is trivial, there are countless injuries caused by forgetting to lock!

A grandma was busy washing vegetables by the pond and parked the stroller with a baby over 1 year old by the slope. Because he forgot to step on the brake of the stroller, the babysitting in the stroller moved, and the stroller slid with it. Due to the effect of gravity, the car rushed down the river into the river. Fortunately, passers-by quickly jumped into the river and rescued the child.

Accidents of this sort have also occurred abroad.

A foreign father took his child to take the subway. Because there were so many things when he got down the escalator, he first moved the babysitting in the stroller and placed it on the flat ground. The locked baby carriage slides automatically rushes towards the subway track, and the child falls into the subway.

Suggestion: We strongly remind everyone here that when parking the stroller, you must remember to lock the stroller. Even if you park for 1 minute, you cannot ignore this action!


  1. Strollers are not allowed to go up and down the escalator

It can be seen everywhere in life that when mom and dad take their baby to the mall, they push the baby carriage up and down the escalator! Knock on the blackboard and use the escalator safety guidelines to make it clear: Do not push a wheelchair or stroller to the ladder.

However, some parents ignore the elevator ban and do their own thing, thus causing tragedy.


Some time ago, when a lady pushed a baby carriage on an escalator in a commercial area in Hong’ a Hubei, the baby carriage suddenly rolled over due to insufficient strength. As the two take-away brothers passed by, they immediately threw away the lunch box and came to the rescue. With the help of everyone, the children and adults were safely relieved.

The other parent pushed the stroller down the stairs, because the stroller was not stable. As the elevator moved, the stroller suddenly vibrated, and the parents did not hold it securely. This picture made me frightened!

Another risk of a baby stroller riding an escalator is that it can easily cause falls and stomps.


The escalator regulations do not allow strollers, please consciously abide by the regulations. If parents push a baby stroller to go up and down the stairs, it is best to choose an elevator, so that it is safe, but will not fall or accidentally eat people.


If you have to take the escalator as a last resort, the best way is to hold the child alone and let the family push the trolley up and down the elevator.


  1. Do not carry people with you when moving up and down the stairs

This is also a mistake we often make when using a stroller. When going up and downstairs, some parents will pick up the child and go up and down the stairs. This is too dangerous!

One of the risks is that if parents’ feet slip during the moving process, adults and children can easily fall down and roll down the stairs together. The second risk is that if the folding device on the cart slips or fails, the baby may be squeezed into the cart, causing breathing difficulties, which may lead to danger to life.



Please use a lift to push the baby stroller up and down the stairs. If there is no elevator, parents should pick up the child and go up the stairs. If a person is going out with a child and cannot hold the stroller while holding the child, they can ask someone for help in moving the stroller.


  1. Do not fasten children

Some mothers are too casual, and it is not appropriate for a baby to not wear a seat belt while riding a stroller.

In 2015, a grandmother in Changzhou, Jiangsu, took a 9-month-old baby for a walk and walked around for more than 20 minutes, because he didn’t care too much about the child’s situation when chatting with others.


When I returned home, I found that Sun Tzu slid out of the stroller with his face down, his head was blocked by the bar in front of the stroller, his nose and nose were buried on the mat, his feet were on the ground, his eyes were closed and his face was blue, Lips are purple, limbs are paralyzed, how can I not wake up.


Fortunately, the doctor fully rescued the child to recover. It turned out that grandma had forgotten to fasten the grandson sleeping in the stroller, and the front end of the cart was unobstructed, causing the child to slide out of the stroller.


Accidents also occurred in Qingdao because they were not safe.


In 2012, a mother pushed her 6-month-old daughter to play in the park. When she met an acquaintance, the two chatted. Unexpectedly, the daughter sitting in the stroller suddenly rolled out of the car and fell on the next step. The child cried twice, then lost his breath and heartbeat, and developed shock. It was diagnosed by a doctor as a contusion of the brain of the infant, and it took 17 days to rescue the spontaneous breathing.



The stroller seat belt is not a decoration! When giving your child a baby stroller, be sure to wear a seat belt, even if the journey is short, you can’t be careless. On bumpy roads, the stroller will sway from side to side, which will not only easily injure the child’s spine and body, but children who are not protected by safety will also fall easily or cause the danger of overturning, which is very easy to be injured.


The weather is getting warmer and warmer, and everyone is planning to take their children out for spring outings or flower viewing, and the frequency of using strollers will increase. The above several wrong use methods, we must be warned.


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