There are definitely fewer options when looking for a tandem stroller. If you’re traveling with twins, you may want to consider one of the following, but if you have an older child and a newborn, consider how much your older child will actually ride in a stroller. You may be able to ride one of these strollers riding board and baby sling. Baby trend stroller writes Best travel double stroller review.


Another option we really like is the ZOE XL1 stroller with a double seat.


Here is our Best travel double stroller review


Best travel double stroller review


Of the lightest of all double strollers, it has a large 4-board canopy and almost completely reclined seats, and the Zoe XL2 stroller does have a lot of value.

It also has a one-handed folding, recessed rear axle that provides extra kick space for taller people and cup holders for everyone! It is recommended for babies over 3 months.


ZOE XL2 V2 travel stroller specifications

*Weight: 17 pounds

*Carrying capacity: 50 pounds per seat

*Reclining: 165 degrees


Mountain off-road vehicle double nano

Best travel double stroller review


The mountain buggy double nano will give you the same wonderful addition unfolded and folded stored in overhead bins.


It is also very lightweight, but the load capacity of each seat is only 33 pounds, so if your child is larger, you may not get much use price from it. It features 2-step compact folding and 3-panel canopy protection. Other features include handles and shoulder straps. To use this double stroller for babies under 6 months, you need a cocoon accessory.


Mountain off-road vehicle double nano travel stroller specifications:

Weight: 20 pounds

Carrying capacity: 33 pounds per seat

Reclining: yes


Delta Kids LX Side-by-side Parasol

Best travel double stroller review


Delta Children LX is tied for the best double umbrella stroller budget price. They claim it has full multi-position tilt, making it suitable for babies up to 35 pounds per seat. Weighs 18.3 pounds.


It is also suitable for standard-sized doorways, which is essential for double strollers!

This stroller will meet Disney’s requirements for a stroller size.


Delta Kids LX Side-by-side Parasol travels stroller specifications:

Weight: 18.3 pounds


capacity: 35 pounds per seat

Reclining: yes


UppaBaby G-Link


Best travel double stroller review

The UppaBaby G-Link seat is fully reclined and includes a headrest that can be used from newborns. It weighs slightly more than other twin strollers but has a higher carrying capacity.

Buckle mesh foot barriers create a cocoon for young children and have a one-step folding function.


UppaBaby G-Link travel stroller specifications

Weight: 24.5 pounds

Load capacity: 55 pounds per seat

Reclining: full reclining

Another feature is its UppaBaby strollers travel security program, if you register the program, traveling bags online, during air travel to your equipment caused any damage by the baby!


Guzzie + Guss twice

Best travel double stroller review


The UZZ+ twice Gus is a double umbrella stroller, you can start using three months. It has great functions that can turn the seat into a small “cocoon” to bring greater comfort to the baby.

It has a retractable canopy, a foldable umbrella style for this foldable stroller. At the higher end of the weight range, although it does drop slightly, prices are below the most.


Guzzie + Guss twice travel stroller specifications

*Weight: 28 pounds

*Carrying capacity: 45 pounds per seat

*Reclining: 4-position tilt


Our recommendations for double strollers

Again “Zoe XL2 v2″ will give you the best overall value. It’s the lightest stroller with a load capacity of 55 pounds per seat, a twin travel stroller, and even a stroller that travels with infants and preschoolers.


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