In childhood memories, riding a train was not a pleasant thing. At that time, the train had a loud voice, and there were many people on the train. The full carriage was full of unexplainable taste. It was full of people up and down and talking. Unfamiliar accents, only the parents around you can feel the most real! Nowadays, the environment on the train will naturally be much better. But for many bits of hemp with their close relatives, can I bring a baby stroller on the train?

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Baby strollers are allowed on the train

In this regard, please rest assured that many parents and friends, baby strollers are allowed on the train, even on the plane! However, whether it is an airplane or a train, there are some very clear requirements for the items that passengers carry with them. There are restrictions on the weight and regulations on the volume. Therefore, parents and friends who take the train should choose a stroller. When taking this into consideration.


In fact, some stroller brands have fully considered this point. At the time of design, the major airlines and the transportation industry have given a comprehensive interpretation of the luggage requirements. Therefore, many strollers are advertised. There is such a scene in China, Ma Ma directly pushed the baby’s stroller onto the plane!


A human consideration in modern society

Do many parents and friends want to know if strollers can be brought on the train? In fact, in the latest regulations on items carried by trains, we can learn in detail that every train passenger can carry certain items for free, and give clear requirements from the weight and volume.


For example, with the exception of diplomatic passengers, the maximum free weight is 20 kg, and even a high-view stroller is only 15 kg, so there is no problem with the weight! Regarding the volume, relevant departments also stipulate that the size of the items carried free of charge is that the sum of the length, width, and height cannot be greater than 160CM, and the size of the moving car cannot exceed 130cm, so as long as the volume of the stroller is not too large, generally no problem!


What to pay attention to when getting into a stroller

Parents and friends are advised to choose an umbrella when carrying a stroller on the train. This stroller is small, exquisite, small, light and convenient to fold. After all, the space on the train is narrow and people come. In the past, implementation was extremely inconvenient.


In addition, it is advisable to have someone to accompany, after all, carrying the baby alone and pushing a baby stroller is actually inconvenient, because when riding the train, there are many steps up and down, and the baby stroller needs to be folded up It is obviously more troublesome for a person to do everything! So, can I bring a stroller on the train? Obviously many of my friends are well-informed!

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