How should the perfect stroller be for every mom

How to choose a stroller?

” Stroller, pram, or trio? Which is more comfortable? And how much should I spend? And with which can I go out immediately with the newborn without having problems?” How should the perfect stroller be for every mom

Anyone who has recently become a mother knows what it means to have to untangle themselves in the complex world of BabyTrendstroller in order to be able to identify the one that best meets their needs. There are those who ask friends for advice, those who lose a week among the stores of the most well-known brands hoping to meet a sales assistant, or a prepared personal shopper, possibly a mother, empathetic, who is moved by the lack of knowledge on the subject and has the patience to explain the differences between the various models, without further confusing the ideas. Because, to be honest, the offer of strollers on the market is so diverse that even the most prepared woman would have difficulty choosing the best product.


There are those who prefer to ask for advice on the forums or industry fan pages or to interrogate Mister Google, getting lost in the maze of the internet to get out of it crazy and even more confused than before, worse than Fantuzzi struggling with the elections in the film “Fantuzzi still suffers “.


The result of this intense research, which usually a woman faces during pregnancy, is conflicting. There are those who, among our little planets, are absolutely satisfied with the stroller purchased and recommend it to new beginners, those who regret the choice made. Despite the progress that has been made in the production of this object, the cross, and the delight of the parents, there are still insurmountable defects that sometimes would make you want to leave it in the middle of the road and continue on foot with the baby in your arms.


The typical portrait of the newbie beginner level in terms of strollers, who often regret their purchase, is this:
  • Do you think that by now she won’t be able to go out with her friends or to see the sunlight again because the stroller is heavy? uncomfortable to open and close? Might as well invite everyone home and use the stroller the bare minimum.
  • Give up any travel ideas, at least until the child learns to walk. At the most, use the baby carrier strap. Because the stroller purchased is absolutely not suitable for traveling by plane. And with the car? Only if there is someone who can close the infernal object and make it fit comfortably in the trunk.
  • She no longer takes buses or subways. So as not to suffer the severe gaze, mixed with pain and contempt for the other passengers who watch her as she tries to get on with a stroller and child.
  • The bare minimum comes out because he lives on the fourth floor without a lift and carrying the stroller every day on the stairs is equal to a Zumba session.
  • Avoid dirt roads or potholes, sidewalks without slides. All routes that require some strength in your arms and a good knowledge of means of transport for rally courses.
  • He wonders why everything in the shop is always more beautiful and simpler. Maybe I should do some gym before using the stroller?”
  • Go shopping and go home taking on the appearance of the goddess Kali. Any part of her body is occupied by the different weights: shopping bags, change bag, personal bag (in cases where she also goes out with that). Stroller, the child who has passed the age of the stroller, baby in the stroller.


It is often ” enteropathy “: if it rains you cannot go out with the stroller because it cannot completely cover the child.


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How the “perfect” stroller should be, according to mothers

Of course, we are exaggerating and ironic. But from the stories of our readers what often comes out is the photograph of a mother who would like a stroller which will leave her more privileged of movement. More privilege to continue following her pattern. Even with a child. In particular from the varied polls and questions that we have placed on our small planets on the stroller of destiny. Many have replied that the perfect products should above all be functional, light, space-saving. Easy to handle and able to respond to the varied needs of a mother. A stroller that can decline and transform to be used in the varied situations of a woman’s life.


It is not easy to find such a complete product. Recently we have had the good fortune to know better. A brand that has made its life philosophy in the production of strollers of the “movement”. Bugaboo, a Dutch company, invited us to Amsterdam to present its new creature. The Bugaboo Fox, a stroller that we fell in love with. What did we like most? The fact that it is a young and intelligent company. Which really understood what a mother wants to buy a Baby Trend stroller needs.


The life of a woman who has just become a mother is often full of doubts and fears. There is no instruction booklet, and you are catapulted into an unknown world. So if an object manages to simplify even something apparently normal and easy. Like going out with a baby for a walk. It would be an expenditure of energy and stress minor, and an extra smile for a new mother.


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