How to choose a baby stroller

Choose a “Baby Trend Stroller”

Many things a baby needs after birth, including a stroller. In addition to the price, style, and function of baby strollers on the market, there are some differences between the three. They chose to think that they are suitable for their baby, but when they were actually used, they found that they were not so easy to use, and even felt that they had bought the wrong one.


For you who plan to buy another baby stroller, can you really guarantee that you made the right choice this time? In fact, there is absolutely no need to think that choosing a baby stroller is a difficult task. The so-called details determine success or failure. Today, I will tell you how to choose a baby stroller? How to decide whether to buy or not from the details.


  1. Lightweight

Bringing your baby out is not easy at all. The reason why you buy a stroller is to save yourself a lot of effort. A heavy baby stroller can only become a burden, so it must be light enough to have it. Although most people know this, it is also easy to buy a pseudo-lightweight baby stroller. Although it is not heavy to carry, the structure is not stable. The baby always stretches out his hand to hug when lying down. Such a baby stroller might as well not be bought.


  1. Suspension

The safety of your baby is definitely a top priority. Whether a stroller is good or not, the suspension is a big measure. The shock absorption can fully absorb the vibration caused by the uneven road surface, and give the baby’s head and whole-body maximum protection. Regardless of the angle, you can keep your baby’s neck in the most comfortable state and prevent damage to the brain and cervical spine. With the change of the angle, there can be no gap between the baby’s waist and the seat, the back stretched, and the abdomen is not compressed, which is conducive to the normal development of the baby’s organs and prevents indigestion.


  1. Seat Angle

The reason is that if the baby is lying flat at 180 °, in case of vomiting due to bumps on the road or other reasons if the adult does not find it in time, it is very dangerous. If your baby is too young to sit up, choose a stroller that can lie flat at 180 °. The spine of a baby under 8 months has not yet matured. It is suitable to use a small bed type stroller. Under 1 year old, you should choose a dual-purpose stroller that can sleep and sit. The car must have a canopy on the top to avoid dust and direct sunlight. eye. 1-3-year-old babies are becoming more and more mature and full of curiosity about the outside world. They can choose a stroller that is mainly seated for easier going out.


  1. Comfort

The baby’s skin is very delicate. The fabric of the stroller will affect the overall comfort. Choose polyester or cotton products. The color fastness of such fabrics is generally tested and no dyeing will occur. If you rub a little cloth on the fabric of the cart and find that the white cloth is stained with a certain color, then the quality is not over. It is best to remove and wash the cloth cover, because, during use, your baby may urinate in the car.


How to choose a baby stroller-"baby trend stroller"
How to choose a baby stroller

In addition to the baby stroller, what else is a good helper in the process of bringing the baby?

Sterilized milk warmer: Intelligent touch LED display, temperature is clearly visible. Normally warm milk only needs 5 minutes, defrosting breast milk for 8-10 minutes, heating supplementary food and cooking eggs is no problem, steam disinfection at 100 degrees Celsius, high-temperature sterilization for 10 minutes, and can also disinfect small objects such as teether, pacifiers, saliva towels.


Baby bath: intimate intelligent temperature control, the red HOT mark will light up when the temperature exceeds 40 ℃. The bionic spine bath rack is designed according to the natural shape of the baby, with a 30-degree reclining angle. Side support to protect spine development and give your baby a sense of security.


Baby electric nail polisher: It can directly polish and round the baby’s nails. After turning it on, the rotation speed is stable, and the sound is only 30 decibels. The baby does not wake him up when he sleeps. Streamlined slim body, ergonomic, more comfortable grip, six-in-one grinding head, and two-way two-speed transmission, one-button easy operation.



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