A very common and unavoidable phenomenon for expectant mothers is that many mothers will continue to gain weight after having a baby due to a lack of exercise and diet. This is one of the factors that has made jogging strollers more and more popular in recent years. Not only can it be convenient for mothers to take care of their babies, but it can also give moms a perfect figure. But is this jogging stroller really safe?

1. Jogging cart use time

According to experts, jogging is a good aerobic exercise for novice mothers. Jogging strollers are different from ordinary strollers. They have only three wheels and can move and turn quickly, but jogging strollers are not suitable for newborns. For jogging, the jogging stroller is generally suitable for babies after the age of one, because at this time the development of the baby is relatively complete, and the parents are relatively safe when running with the baby. In addition, when choosing a jogging stroller, you should choose the type with a deeper baby seat and a tighter seat belt to ensure the safety of the child.

2. Cautions for using jogging cart

Although the jogging stroller is relatively safe, we still need to pay attention to some problems when using it, such as the posture when running, because the weight of the baby will increase the forward resistance of the mother, so when using the jogging stroller to run first The back should be straight, the abdominal muscles should be pulled in, the chest should be moved forward, and the steps should be as large as possible. When pushing, the wrists should be straightened, and the arms should be slightly bent. Pull back, do not feedforward.

In fact, the jogging stroller can only be selected properly, and it is very safe to use it correctly. Parents do not need to worry about this safety issue, but they must buy through regular channels. When buying, they should also pay attention to whether there is a national 3c certification. Don’t buy. Want to know more about the content of the stroller, please pay attention to the knowledge section of Qiaoeryi’s official website to bring different content of stroller to everyone every day.

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