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You can access this section without a keyboard by clicking or tapping on the top right of the Chrome menu (the key with the three dots one above the other). Select Other tools> Clear browsing data … To open the Clear browser data section and locate the ones to be cleared.

More information is available in How to Delete Cookies in Chrome [ support.google.com].

To delete cookies from the Chrome browser on mobile, touch the menu button at the bottom right of the screen (the one with three dots one above the other) and choose Settings. In the Privacy submenu, tap Clear browsing data. On the new screen, touch the area to be deleted, for example, Cookies, Site Data, Saved Passwords, etc. At this point, it is possible to delete cookies by using the Clear browsing data button (double tap to confirm).

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The easiest way to get to this window on Firefox is to click on the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + Del (Windows) or Command + Shift + Del (Mac). Another way to access the Delete data section is to click on the three-line menu at the top right of the browser — choose Options> Privacy and security> Delete data.

In How to Delete Cookies in Firefox [ support.mozilla.org] there is further information, including those for deleting cookies only from specific sites.

To delete cookies from the Firefox mobile browser, go to the bottom menu button and then to Settings> Delete private data. Choose Cookies (and other sections you want to delete, for example, the history and / or cache) and touch the Delete private data button (confirm by clicking on OK).

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To get faster to the Clear browsing data screen on Microsoft Edge, click on the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + Del simultaneously. You can still get to this page manually from the menu button at the top right of the screen (called the Hub — the one with three horizontal dots). You must then select Settings and click or tap on Choose the elements to be deleted.


In How to Delete Cookies in Microsoft Edge [ privacy.microsoft.com] contains further information.

As for the Edge mobile app, open the menu button at the bottom, then select Settings> Privacy> Clear browsing data and enable the types of data you want to clear. You can choose Cookies and site data, Form data, Cache and more. Touch Clear browsing data and Clear to finish.


4.Internet Explorer: Clear browsing history

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The fastest way to get to this screen in Internet Explorer is to press Ctrl + Shift + Del on the keyboard simultaneously. The other way is manual, through the Settings button (the one in the shape of a gear at the top right of Internet Explorer), then Internet Options. In the General tab, in the History section, click on the Delete button.


In How to Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer [ support.microsoft.com] there is more information, for example how to delete cookies in older versions of Internet Explorer.


5.Safari: Cookies and other website data

To delete cookies on Apple Safari you have to go to the Privacy section of Preferences, under Cookies and website data (what in Windows is called Cookies and other website data). Click or tap on Manage website data … (Mac) or Remove all website data … (Windows), then choose Remove all to delete all cookies.

On Mac you can get to this section of the browser from Safari> Preferences … menu item. In Windows go to Action menu (the gear icon at the top right on Safari), select Preferences … options.

Then choose the Privacy tab. The buttons mentioned above are located in the Privacy window.

If you want to delete cookies from specific sites, choose the sites from the list or click/tap the Details … button (In Windows) and select Remove to delete them.

In How to Delete Cookies in Safari [ support.apple.com] there are further indications.

To delete cookies on the Safari mobile browser, as on the iPhone, start opening the Settings app. Scroll and select the Safari link, scroll down on the new menu obtained and touch Clear website data and history. Confirm that you want to remove cookies, history and other data by tapping on the Clear data and history button.


6.Opera: Delete browsing data

To delete cookies on Opera, go to Delete browsing data, a section of the Settings. Check Cookies and other site data, click or tap Clear data to delete them.

A very fast way to get to the Delete browsing data section on Opera is the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del. Another system is the Menu button via Settings> Privacy and security> Clear browsing data …


To remove all cookies from each website, select the All option from the Time range drop-down menu.

In How to Delete Cookies in Opera [ opera.com] there is more information on viewing, deleting and managing cookies.


Cookies can also be deleted from the Opera mobile browser. Touch on the red Opera button in the bottom menu and choose Settings> Delete … Touch Delete cookies and data and then Yes to delete all the cookies present on Opera.